Build-to-Suit Development

When the space you need is not available in the market a turn-key, build-to-suit development option should be investigated.  Existing inventories of industrial, office and retail space may be functionally obsolete and lack the modern amenities and operational efficiencies your company desires to stay competitive.  When lack of product availability prevents your company from leasing the ideal space; a turn-key, build-to-suit development may be the answer.

picture of a construction crane build to suitThe benefits of a build-to-suit development are numerous. Business owners receive a customized facility tailored exclusively to their organization’s optimum space requirements without the substantial capital investment and time commitment required to construct the facility themselves.  A new facility makes a positive statement to both current and future customers as well as to your employees. Designed to maximize the operational efficiencies of your organization, a new facility reduces occupancy costs with increased production and company profitability.

A  build-to-suit arrangement allows your organization to stay focused on your core business while the build-to-suit development is under construction.

I represent tenants and investors in an arrangement wherein the investor acquires land and develops the property based on the specific and unique needs of a tenant in exchange for a promise from the tenant to lease the property long term and at an agreed upon rental rate.

A build-to-suit development is a complex assignment requiring the knowledge of an experienced real estate professional who understands the complexities of the build-to-suit development process.  

I can facilitate corporate expansions, relocation and consolidations on behalf of tenants for a variety of facilities to include office, industrial, medical and retail build-to-suit development projects.  I will assist your organization with the occupancy analysis, site identification, selection of the developer, lease negotiations, municipal approvals, zoning and more.  My systems are designed to elicit proposals from multiple, qualified developers competing for your business. This competitive environment creates significant cost savings and benefits for your organization.

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