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With all the recent stories about Russian hackers in the news lately I think the majority of Americans are becoming desensitized to the possibility of an email data breach and how it may affect them personally.  Any astute business person knows the importance of keeping sensitive data secure.  The thought of someone snooping your emails and knowing your passwords should be very unsettling.

February 15, 2017 –  Yahoo sends new warning to customers about data breach

Alerts are just now being sent out to Yahoo mail subscribers notifying them of a potential breach which may have occurred as far back as 2015. The announcements from Yahoo put an end to Verizon’s original attempts to buy Yahoo and the subsequent news of more compromises cost Yahoo $250M in a renegotiated and lower bid from Verizon.

Now the first thing you might ask is “who in the world is still using Yahoo mail?”  You may be correct in your thought process but it’s not just Yahoo accounts that are at risk. So I took a break from prospecting and performed a little research and found that approximately 164,611,595 LinkedIn accounts have been breached, as well as, 68,648,009 Dropbox accounts.  If you are using these two popular sites you might want to change your passwords.

So, instead of waiting on an alert from an email service provider that you are the collateral damage of a “forged cookie” attack you may want to use this FREE TOOL and investigate whether or not your online accounts have been breached.

A complete list of websites and number of accounts compromised can be found on Troy Hunt’s website Have I been Pwned?

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